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A Team Approach

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Technology, however advanced, is only as good as the professionals who manage it. Valley’s Radiation Oncology Department employs a team approach to foster medical excellence and ensure optimal patient satisfaction. The multidisciplinary teams consist of Board Certified Radiation Oncologists, Oncology Certified Nurses, licensed Radiation Therapists, physicists, dosimetrists, an advanced-degree social worker, a registered dietitian and multiple levels of support personnel.

Critical to the team approach is the focus on patient safety at Valley.  All patient related procedures are verified and reviewed on several levels prior to any treatment delivery.  Numerous quality assurance measures have been put in place to ensure accurate and appropriate treatment for above mandatory regulations and requirements.

Physicists and Dosimetrists

Valley’s physicists work with radiation oncologists to ensure that each patient receives the best treatment. They are responsible for developing and directing quality control programs and are responsible for the daily operation and safety of equipment and procedures. Dosimetrists carefully calculate doses of radiation to ensure a tumor is effectively treated. They develop a number of treatment plans that can best destroy the tumor while sparing normal tissue. They work with the radiation oncologist and the physicist to choose a treatment course that is best for each patient.

Nursing Care

At Valley, nursing care is designed to meet the physical, psychological, social and educational needs of patients and their families. This begins with the initial consultation where a registered nurse educates the patient on the radiation oncology process and suggests self-care measures to minimize any side effects the patient may experience. The nurse is also available daily to answer questions, manage symptoms and address fears. All this is accomplished through frequent communication with the physician. Valley’s team of nurses are specially trained and certified in their field of oncology and are dedicated to delivering the highest quality care to their patients.

Home Care Follow-Up

Through the resources of Valley Home Care, a specially trained nurse clinician provides patient education and rehabilitative services in the home to help cancer patients reach new levels of independence and achieve a higher quality of life. It is the only program of its kind in northern New Jersey. The oncology clinician plays an important role in the period between outpatient radiation therapy appointments and other forms of cancer care.

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