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The Urologic Oncology Center

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The Valley Hospital has established the Urologic Oncology Center at the Blumenthal Cancer Center. Designed for those who have been diagnosed with prostate, bladder, or renal cancer, or those seeking a second opinion, this multidisciplinary center will provide the most up-to-date information regarding all aspects of urologic cancer care.

The Urologic Oncology Center brings together a multifaceted team of experts led by Medical Director Howard Frey, M.D. The team consists of a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, surgeon, urologist, registered dietitian, nurse, and social worker. This team provides an integrated approach to treating prostate, bladder, and renal cancer.

Patients are referred to the Center by their primary care physician, urologist, or through self-referral. Prior to the first visit, the Center's nurse coordinator will conduct a comprehensive phone interview and obtain the relevant medical information. Arrangements will be made to obtain needed reports and X-rays. During the visit to the Center, the patient visits with the team of physician experts to discuss appropriate treatment options. In addition, the patient confers with ancillary team members to discuss support services such as nutrition and education to receive pertinent information. Special consultations are available with the research nurse to review clinical trials that are applicable.

Following the physician evaluation, the medical experts confer to review the patient information and formulate an integrated recommendation that incorporates the findings of the patient visit. The treatment plan may employ surgery, radiation therapy incorporating the advanced technology of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Tomotherapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, or active surveillance. The recommendation is then presented to the patient and written summary is sent to the referring physician.

Valley's Urologic Oncology Center is designed to offer an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to treating prostate, bladder, and renal cancer. This approach positions the patient as the central focus of the healthcare team and promotes an individualized plan of care.

For more information, or to make an appointment to see the physicians at Valley Hospital's Urologic Oncology Center, please call 201-634-5567.

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