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Tomosynthesis: 3D Mammography

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The Valley Hospital is the first hospital in northern New Jersey to offer the latest in breast imaging technology -- 3D breast tomosynthesis for breast cancer detection. Also known as 3D mammography, this technology has the potential to improve cancer detection and reduce false-positive findings. All mammograms at Valley are conducted with 3D technology.

Breast tomosynthesis generates a 3D image of the breast and gives physicians a clearer look through the overlapping structures of breast tissue. This more comprehensive view increases the ability to detect and diagnose small tumors. Moreover, tomosynthesis can help radiologists rule out abnormalities that may have looked suspicious in a 2D mammogram, reducing the need to call women back for additional imaging or biopsies.

The technology, Selenia® Dimensions® digital mammography system from Hologic, improves images by digitally combining multiple X-rays to reduce distortion created by tissue overlap or density. As a result, the radiologist is able to target the size, shape, and precise location of a lump or tumor; the image is not flattened like a conventional mammogram.

Tomosynthesis also screens the complete breast, not only the region of interest. This is important because 15 percent of women with a tumor in their breast also have another cancer in the same or other breast. The test is performed at the same time as a conventional mammogram on the same scanner.

Valley's purchase of the 3D breast tomosynthesis equipment was made possible thanks to the generous philanthropic support of The Bolger Foundation.

The Breast Center's team of experts includes board-certified radiologists, board-certified cytopathologists, board-certified surgeons with expertise in breast surgery, and female mammography technologists who have undergone special training and have advanced certification in mammography. Valley's Breast Surgical Services program also offers the service of a nurse navigator to guide patients through the treatment process. Genetic counseling is also available.

For more information about Valley's Breast Center, call 201-447-8600.

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