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Digital Mammography

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Digital MammographyWomen who undergo mammograms at The Valley Hospital Breast Center have the latest generation of diagnostic technology available to them — digital mammography.

“We are now a 100-percent digital Center,” says Jaclyn Calem-Grunat, M.D., Director of Breast Imaging at The Valley Hospital.

Digital mammography allows high resolution images of the breast to be viewed by radiologists. Viewing options never before possible because of the limitations of conventional, two-dimensional x-ray film, are now available to radiologists.

Digital mammography offers a unique ability to enhance certain areas of the breast. On a computer following the mammogram, a radiologist can magnify the image, increase or decrease contrasting shades, and invert black and white values while reading the images. “These image enhancements improve diagnostic potential and limit radiation exposure.” says Dr. Calem-Grunat.

To supplement this technology, Valley has incorporated digital Computer-Aided Detection (CAD). Digital CAD highlights characteristics commonly associated with breast cancer. When activated, it flags abnormalities to help a radiologist detect early breast cancer.

In a step designed to quicken the retrieval of past mammograms and to enhance the ability to view past images, Valley is now digitizing previous mammograms. This will enable quicker and more direct comparisons.

The cutting-edge digital technology is called the Selenia digital mammography system from Hologic, Inc. To make an appointment for a mammogram, please call 201-447-8200.

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