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Ambulatory Infusion Center

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Director of Clinical Oncology Sandy Balentine, left, with Barry Fernbach, M.D., in the Ambulatory Infusion Center.
Director of Clinical Oncology Sandy Balentine, left, with Barry Fernbach, M.D., in the Ambulatory Infusion Center.

Valley’s Ambulatory Infusion Center helps patients who require infusions of chemotherapy, antibiotics, blood products or other therapies on an outpatient basis. The Center consists of more than 20 treatment areas; four of which are private rooms. The Center is overseen by a Medical Oncologist and an Oncology Certified Nurse Director.

Our registered nurses who administer chemotherapy are chemotherapy certified, and most have also attained national certification as an Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN). A pharmacist with advanced training in cancer medications is committed to working with patients in the Center on a full-time basis. He works with each patient to answer any questions they may have and to educate them about the medications they will receive while at the Center. We also have a full time social worker who can help patients work through any issues that they may be dealing with during their treatment.

The Center is open 5 days a week, Monday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Tuesdays through Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Those needing daily infusions will be seen at the hospital on weekends and holidays. Outpatient infusion services include:

  • Chemotherapy administration,
  • Antibiotic therapy,
  • Blood and blood product transfusions,
  • Administrations of medications (such as Remicade, Solu Medrol, and Gamma Globulin),
  • Injections (such as Neupogen, Procrit, Lovenox),
  • Hydration therapy,
  • Maintenance of central lines (such as PICC Lines and vascular access ports).

For more information, please call 201-634-5376 or email us at

For Patients of The Ambulatory Infusion Center

Where is the Infusion Center located?
We are located on the 2nd floor of The Valley Hospital’s Robert and Audrey Luckow Pavilion, One Valley Health Plaza, Paramus, New Jersey. The registration desk is on the main concourse of the 2nd floor. You must stop here to register prior to coming back to the infusion area. Please arrive 15 minutes early to register. Also, please make sure to make all of your appointments at the registration desk.

Who do I call if I need to change my appointment?
If you just need to change the time of your appointment, please call one of our business associates at 201-634-5376 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you need to change the date of your appointment, please check with your doctor first.

What should I bring with me?
You need to bring a form of identification (driver’s license) and insurance cards for our registration area. Also, please bring a list of the medications you take at home, a copy of your advance directive (if you have one), and any medications that you will need to take during the time you are here. Take your medications as prescribed by your doctor. If you have special dietary needs or will be here all day, you can bring dietary items with you.

How long will I be at the Infusion Center?
Treatment times vary according to what medication you will be receiving as ordered by your doctor. Please ask your doctor how long your treatment will take. This will be an approximate time as multiple factors are involved.

Can I have visitors?
Yes, family and friends are welcome, although it is not an appropriate setting for small children. Out of respect for our other patients, please limit the number of visitors who come with you.

Should I eat breakfast?
Yes, eat your regular breakfast prior to arriving. There is a café on the first floor that is open from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. There are also complimentary beverages and snacks. For extended visits please bring your own lunch. Vending machines are also available on the first floor in our building after 2:30 p.m.

Can I drive myself home after my treatment?
Although most patients will be able to drive themselves home, it is a good idea to have someone bring you on your first visit since some medications may cause drowsiness.

What should I wear?
Please wear comfortable clothing with easy access to start your intravenous therapy. Also, it is sometimes cool in the Center, so wear clothes that will keep you warm. We also have warm blankets available.

I have many questions regarding my treatment. Who will be able to answer my questions?
There is an experienced team of Chemotherapy and Infusion RNs, all of whom are qualified to answer your questions. A clinical oncology pharmacist is also available. We will refer you to your physician for any other questions.

My family member needs one-on-one assistance with daily living needs. Will the Center provide this?
Because we are an outpatient facility, we are unable to provide one-on-one staffing. If a patient requires a high level of assistance, we will ask a family member or aide to accompany the patient. However, if you just need assistance with walking and getting out of a chair, we would be pleased to assist you.

Can I bring my laptop?
Yes, and there is wireless internet access available to our patients. When you arrive, your nurse can give you a username and password to access the network. Televisions are available as well in each room for your entertainment.

What if I need daily treatments?
The Ambulatory Infusion Center is open Monday through Friday. For patients needing daily treatments, such as IV antibiotics, we will make arrangements for our patients to be seen at the hospital on the weekend and holidays. We will provide the information to you on Friday as to the location and time for those weekend and holiday treatments.

Where can I park?
There is plenty of parking available at The Luckow Pavilion. In addition to our regular parking, there is free valet parking available for patients from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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